A Plastic Road Barrier


• This temporary plastic barrier can be placed around road works; to close off roads and for pedestrian traffic control.

• Maximum flexibility with variable road surfaces and terrain.

• Weighted swivel feet that can be stored inside the barrier so saving storage space. Learn More

• Barriers can be assembled on uneven ground with levels differences of up to 50cm. Learn More

• Very easy to install (no tools required).

• Functions in all weathers, including high winds.

• High durability.

• Available space on the barriers for logos, signs and ads.

• Different colors available.

• Bright colors and reflective sheeting for high visibility.

• Maximum use of storage space in stacks.

• The barriers can be palletised for easy handling and shipping.

• 850 barriers can be carried in a 40ft container.

• Easy and quick to link separate barriers.Learn More

• Versatility in barrier shapes: straight line, triangle and square.

• No sharp edges to avoid damage to vehicles or harm to pedestrians and workers.

Model no. 300114
Length 200 cm
Width 4.5 cm
Height 100 cm
Weight 10.5 kg including weighted feet
Materials PE
Features Reflective sheeting
Colors Available Colors available: Depending on stock black / orange / yellow / blue; other colors depending on the size of the order.
Installation Easy placing
Spare Parts  
Model no 300147