A Spike Barrier


• The device serves to prevent cars from entering through a restricted area.
• By using this device you can ensure that cars use only legitimate access routes.
• Can be supplied with zinc coating or powder coating.
• Easy and fast installation on asphalt, no need to dig holes or use concrete.
• High durability.
• Functions in all weathers.
• Easy maintenance and cheap spare parts.
• An intimidating appearance that will discourage drivers from driving over them.
• Saves time and money by preventing drivers from using the wrong access.


In order to maintain the spike barriers, we recommend the installation of speed bumps to reduce the speed of cars that approach the barriers.

Stagger the barriers so you can access and replace damaged springs.

Arrange the barriers so that if a car should hit one, the impact will be at 90 degrees i.e. not on a curve.

Always put signs up to warn drivers about the existence of the barriers.

Model no. 300121
Length 90 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 8.6 cm
Weight 20 kg
Materials Metal st 37.2
Features 9 spikes per unit in groups of three. Replacable springs.
Colors Available Depending on stock zinc coaing or powder coating in colors of  black / orange / yellow / blue; other colors depending on the quantity of the order.
Installation 8 holes for installation screws.First make the hole for drilling and drill.Then place the units and holes and insert the screws.

Spare Parts Main Shaft Pin Set of teeth
Washer Spring
Model no : 300146 300143 300145 300144 300121