A Road Cable Plastic Protector

• The device protects up to two 35/35 mm cables and two 25/25 mm cables from pedestrians  tripping on the cables or cars driving over them.

• By connecting units across a road, you can protect the cables and create a speed bump.

• This device can be used as a permanent feature or as a temporary one.

• It can cover and protect existing cables or cables can be fed through the device.

• By using this device, the need to dig a channel is avoided.

• Bright colors and reflectors for high visibility.

• Easy and fast installation

• Dual purpose – protects cables and reduces car speeds.

• High durability.

• Functions in all weathers.

Model no. 300137

Length 50 cm
Width 42 cm
Height 5.5 cm
Weight 7.5 kg
Materials PVC
Features 6 orange reflectors
Colors Available Depending on stock black / orange / yellow / blue; other colors depending on the size of the order.
Installation 4 holes for installation screws.First mark the holes for drilling and drill.

Then place the units above the holes and insert the screws.